Speak To My Heat

"Speak to My Heart",released in 1995, was the first CD on the "Generativity" label. A collection of standards and originals, this CD features 13 artists and 67 minutes of "jazz joy". The quality of the musicianship on this project is a sign of good things to come from Generativity and from Dallas in general. There are four Gilyard originals, including the title track and the always popular, "Always With Me".

  1. Speak To My Heart
  2. San Jose Del Cabo (acoustic)
  3. I’m Old Fashioned
  4. Poinciana
  5. Love For Sale
  6. Cousin Mary
  7. Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me
  8. San Jose Del Cabo (electric)
  9. Always With Me
  10. Groovy Samba
  11. Sambuca By Night

I Tell My Heart

The second Gilyard and Generativity release (1996) was "I Tell My Heart". This project features originals by Gilyard, guitarist Robert Aberg, saxophonists Karl Lampman and Keith Loftis, pianist Claude Johnson, all members of the ensemble, and Dallas harpist Cindy Horstmann. "I Tell My Heart" is dedicated to the memory of Dallas jazz legends, pianist/vocalist Shirley McFatter and saxophonist James Clay, who passed away in 1994 and 1995, respectively.

  1. Full Circle
  2. Joes’ Beach
  3. Quiet Village
  4. Titan
  5. I Thought You Knew
  6. I Tell My Heart
  7. Jacquelyn
  8. Midnight Sun
  9. If I Were A Bell
  10. Jackyard
  11. Rio


The 1997 CD, "Inspiration" was the first for Russian born pianist Gregory Slavin. Four of the nine songs on the project were composed by Slavin, with James Gilyard adding two more. The artists on this project are Slavin, Gilyard and drummer Andrew Griffith. In addition, violinist Gale Hess is featured on the song "Inspiration #1", playing both violin and viola.

  1. Airegin
  2. Tale Of Two Sisters
  3. On Green Dolphin Street
  4. Short Story
  5. Moment
  6. Groovy Samba
  7. Inspiration #2
  8. Water’s Still Y’all –Trouble’s All Gone
  9. Inspiration #1
Degrees of Freedom

Degrees Of Freedom

Released  in Dec, 1998, "Degrees of Freedom" is a collection of  twelve Robert Aberg originals. On this CD, Aberg is accompanied by James Gilyard and Ted Wasser.

  1. Joe’s Beach
  2. Money, Status, and Power
  3. A Waltz For Miss Rabb
  4. Emily and the Seagulls
  5. In Between
  6. Blues for Bess
  7. Piece of Sky
  8. Boo Dah
  9. Sarah (You Are My Love)
  10. I See You In The Stars
  11. Coming Into True
Gently Dancing...

Gently Dancing On The Edge of The World

"Gently Dancing On The Edge of The World" is an April 1999 release that features originals by Gilyard and Karl Lampman, along with the poetry of Ron Davison.

  1. Brazilian Paradise
  2. A Minor Thing For Big Country
  3. Samantha
  4. There Is No Greater Love
  5. Never Let Me Go
  6. Kissing The Moon
  7. What I Want To Be
  8. Always With Me
  9. Ellen
The Gift

The Gift

"The Gift" .Released in October, 2000, The Gift is the first CD release for pianist Don Ambrose and his trio. This CD features James Gilyard on bass and Ted Wasser on drums. This CD contains 10 standards and one Gilyard original. Very nice!

  1. Broadway
  2. Second Time Around
  3. Moonlight In Vermont
  4. Chicago {That Toddlin' Town}
  5. A Gift For My Love
  6. Summer Wind
  7. Jim
  8. Parking Lot Blues
  9. The Girl From Ipanema
  10. Manhattan
  11. That's All

What Will I Tell My Heart?

"What Will I Tell My Heart?" is the long awaited Generativity debut for Sandra Kaye. Released in July, 2001, the CD features James Gilyard, Arlington Jones, Shelley Carrol, Andrew Griffith and Jorge Ginoiro.

  1.   Southeastern Oklahoma Samba
  2.   A Gift For My Love
  3.   Blow Top Blues
  4.   What Will I Tell My Heart?
  5.   Let Me Love You
  6.   They Can't Take That Away From Me
  7.  That Sunday That Summer
  8.   Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Tread
  9.   Unlucky Woman
  10.   Blue Gardenia
  11.   Me And My Gin
  12.  Ellen
Following The Dream

Following The Dream

Released in September, 2001, "Following The Dream" is the second CD project for Gregory Slavin and is a collection of 8 outstanding originals. Slavin's supporting cast is James Gilyard, Buddy Mohmed, Ira Bassett, Andrew Griffith and Karl Lampman. Good stuff!

  1. Dancing Leaves
  2. Maybe Tomorrow
  3. Summer Dream
  4. Chocoman
  5. 100 Degrees
  6. Strawberry Waltz
  7. Just A Guess
  8. Toledo's Gate

Love Songs, Ballads and Blues

"Love Songs, Ballads and Blues" is the debut album of Dallas singer Simone Jackson-Rodgers. On this project, she is accompanied by James Gilyard, Arlington Jones, Andrew Griffith and Shelley Carrol. This CD is a combination of standards and originals and will leave you anxiously awaiting Simone's next project.

  1. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
  2. Duke's Place
  3. The Nearness Of You/Misty
  4. Desifinado
  5. Embraceable You
  6. A Snowy Day With Mechelle
  7. Caravan
  8. Life Is Wonderful, Cause
  9. After The Good Life
  10. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
  11. Bluesville


"Ballads" is a collection of 8 originals, composed by James Gilyard and Arlington Jones, and 4 standards. In addition the the composers, featured artists are Shelley Carrol, Andrew Griffith, Simone Jackson-Rodgers and Bill Lohr.

  1. Young and Foolish
  2. Canadian Sunset
  3. After The Good Life
  4. Watch What Happens
  5. Old Folks
  6. San Jose Del Cabo
  7. Mechelle
  8. Pookah Rooter
  9. Samantha
  10. Galveston Island Carnival
  11. A Gift For My Love

 Act 3

A Celebration of 52 Years of Music Making, Act 3 consists of 9 originals, along with the Donny Hathaway classic, "This Christmas". Seven of the  originals were composed by James Gilyard, with one each by Robert Aberg (Full Court Press) and Arlington Jones (Mr G's Swing & Ride.

  1. Big Al
  2. Funk Revisited
  3. Live Like Love May End Today
  4. Full Court Press
  5. Now That You Are Mine
  6. Mr G's Swing & Ride
  7. Joanna
  8. Blues for "Mr R"
  9. January Ballad
  10. This Christmas
 New Moon

 New Moon

As the subtitle says, this is "Music for Gentle Souls, Happy Hearts & Dancing Feet". With the exception of the last track, all of the songs are Gilyard originals, again leaving no doubt about his compositional skills. The All-Star cast of musicians will have you humming along and tapping your toes.

  1. The Rose of East Texas
  2. Candice
  3. Missy
  4. What About Me?
  5. The North Dallas Slide
  6. Theme for Keith
  7. New Moon
  8. Life's Simple Things Are The Best
  9. Every Day I Have The Blues


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